Awesome teacher! Carol will help you discover you have a world full of choices. What makes Carol an incredible teacher is her patience and her ability to speak to students in a constructive and positive way. For those new to the Alexander Technique, Carol introduces the technique in simple terms and examples. She will definitely open your eyes to what you never thought was possible.”
—Sam Tsubota

Excellent teacher! I used to have sleeping problems. Carol’s deep understanding of anatomy and movement helped me to understand that the tension in my tongue was causing me to block my ability to breathe, thus making it difficult to be well rested! I have a much greater understanding of myself, my anatomy, and my movement process since studying with Carol. She’s a wonderful teacher and empowers her students to make positive, thoughtful choices. Most importantly, I can move without pain and sleep through the night!”
—Melissa Samuels

I really enjoyed The Breathing lab and I got more out of it than I expected. Every time I walk (which I did not even know was an issue), I am reminded of the corrections I must be mindful of. My back thanks you, too.”
—Heather Nelson

I wanted to thank you for all your input and assistance, as The Breathing Lab series has helped not just my acting but all facets of my life.”
—Steven Gomez

I have had the privilege to work with Carol Levin the last three years studying the Alexander Technique. This work had changed my life. The way in which I move and think has changed. The way I teach has changed. I have profoundly changed the way I choose language as a teaching tool.

I teach Gyrotonic, a movement system in which the body moves in circular patterns of exercise using equipment. The use of weights and pulleys allows the body to suspend itself in space using the deeper muscles of the spine. I have applied the Alexander Technique in my approach with clients. Carol’s teaching is clear and brilliant, really. I often have those ‘ah ha!’ moments and leave her sessions wondering what is next. She has increased my knowledge of anatomy, my anatomy, why I move in the way I do and how the body is designed to work naturally. She has introduced me to her teacher Cathy Madden and again, another layer of my being.

How would you like to work with someone who is a poet in teaching? Who laughs, and as you grow, profoundly confuses you only to escort you to another way of thinking as you realize that it all works. ‘Can you tell me how you are thinking about what you are doing?’ It is Carol Levin and the Alexander Technique.”
—Beth DeJarnette