Classes and Workshops

Take charge of your coordination

Alexander Technique taught by Carol LevinMove freely in all your daily activities without working harder than you need to, and without the extra tension that causes pain.

The key to learning to breathe freely and improve your own coordination was developed over years of experimentation by Frederick Matthias (F. M.) Alexander. What he taught we now call the Alexander Technique.

Students learn to work at
their optimum ability

Students learn to think efficiently so that the whole system is free to move:

  • Maintain balance and eliminate unneeded tightening
  • Reduce and even eliminate back and neck pain
  • Free the circulatory system to more effectively deliver oxygen and nutrients
  • Restore or expand peripheral vision
  • Improve the sense of well-being and confidence

The Breathing Lab classes

Carol Levin teaches group classes and individual students. She designs classes for maximum participation, giving caring attention to each student’s needs.

Students bring their daily activities to class so that Carol can observe them. She provides the information students need in order to experiment, in an atmosphere of safety, support, and playfulness. As students begin to apply what they are learning, they gain practical understandings they can continue to use the rest of their lives.

Class types

Six-week series

The advantage of participating in group classes is the opportunity to accelerate your learning by observing and listening to your fellow students. Students may attend as many series as they like.

Individual or buddy lessons

Choose to study individually or bring a buddy to share the lesson. Lessons are scheduled by appointment and are available at Carol’s home in Ballard or at a location of your choice—for example, during your gym workout, at your office, at your computer, at your theatre rehearsal space—the opportunities are endless. The lesson fee includes travel expense.

Introductory workshops

Specialized groups can arrange for an introduction to The Breathing Lab Alexander Technique on a one-time basis or a three-session schedule.

This arrangement works well for:

  • Plays in rehearsal
  • Retirement home residents concerned about balance and mobility
  • Physicians, physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage practitioners who want more information for themselves and their clients and patients

Appointments can be arranged at 206-783-4593 or by email.