Poetry and movement integrated

You may be wondering what a Poetry page is doing on The Breathing Lab site. I am taking what I have learned by my own experience as a poet and passing it on.

When I talk to other poets, they say they have the dreaded “writers block,” and I hear poets often complain about how nervous they are before giving readings. I know some who refuse to read publicly or they let that sensation turn their reading into agony for themselves and their audience.

Check out my classes and workshops. I can guide you into a new plan where you can be in charge of yourself so that you will have a repeatable strategy to alleviate these painful situations, a strategy you can apply fruitfully to the act of writing itself.

Order Books

Stunned By The Velocity, Pecan Grove Press, 2012
Red Rooms and Others
, Pecan Grove Press, 2009
Sea Lions Sing Scat
, Finishing Line Press, 2007

These books can be ordered online from: Pecan Grove Press or by the Amazon.com links provided.

They can also be found on the shelves at Open Books: A Poet Emporium, and Secret Garden Books in Seattle, or Next Chapter Books in LaConner, or ordered through your neighborhood bookstore.

Poems published in online literary journals

In addition to the links below, poems have appeared in other print journals: Louisville Review, New York Quarterly, Stringtown, Aquilla Review, The Massachusetts Review, Third Coast, Seattle Review, Junctures: the Journal for Thematic Dialogue (NZ) and others.

The Cortland Review, Issue 45

The Cortland Review, Issue 35

Avatar Review, Issue 12

The Pedestal Magazine, Issue 43

Verse Wisconsin, Issue 101, Winter

Words’ Worth, Official poetry program of the Seattle City Council

Umbrella Journal, Winter Takes the Mind

The Centrifugal Eye, August 2008

The Honeyland Review, Vol 1, Issue 2

Gander Press Review (Download PDF)

Halfway Down the Stairs


The Seattle Times, Winter contest winner-1999. “The Darkest Wettest Winter in History.”

Late Blooms Postcard Series, contest winner, 2008. “And We Laughed About Heaven.”


Letters to the World, Red Hen Press, 2008. “The Perfumer.”

“Fire on Her Tongue,” Two Sylvias Press, E-Book Anthology Women’s Poems, 2011.